Nature Has It All

The natural healing wonder that is hemp CBD. Hemp is actually a cousin of the hop plant – a base ingredient used to make beer. Science has found that the human body naturally produces its own CBD (or cannabinoids). Both this form and the CBD extracted from hemp binds to receptors in the human body, acting as a neurotransmitter. Studies show that CBD calms nervous reactions to stimuli, reduces overall anxiety, counters insomnia and even prompts healthy brain function. There is also recent scientific evidence that CBD is effective in treating childhood epilepsy, and has been shown to reduce the number of seizures.

But what also makes CBD so exciting and valuable in our daily lives is the effect it has in reducing inflammation. From tired, over-exerted muscles to the aches of arthritis, as well as localized bodily discomfort. Studies also show that CBD may inhibit both inflammatory and neuropathic pain – which covers localized discomfort after an attack of shingles as well as conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Both typically hard-to- treat chronic pain conditions.

As you might have picked up already, the crew at Radical Alice is picky about some things. So it’s not good enough just to have a 100% natural wonder ingredient. We want to know that every part of the growing, harvesting and extraction process is done with care and awareness. We’re not interested in becoming a ‘mass producer’. We’d rather produce a smaller amount of magically untainted herbal CBD goodness. 

Blend this with other equally pure natural ingredients to make a difference for everyone. People like you. The alert and equally aware humans who like us, see the world and themselves differently.

The CBD in Radical Alice products comes from hemp plants, grown carefully and organically under our supervision in Oregon and Colorado. Two states renowned for having the best conditions for healthy organic hemp cultivation. All our growers meet all the rules and regulations established for hemp growing in each state as approved by that state.

State regulators have worked together with farmers to ensure a widely understood programm of standards to produce the best crop with a minimum of interference with nature’s processes. We also test regularly to make sure that nothing undesirable is creeping into our grow. 

We apply the same rigorous but loving attention to the other 100% natural ingredients blended into our CBD products, from luscious pomegranate seed oil to organic MCT oil derived from coconuts.

So join us today and “Lets Get Radical”


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