CBD Tinctures

Radical Alice CBD Tinctures

Your daily dose of different! 

Our tinctures are made with three ingredients, Pure Organic MCT Oil, CBD isolate and CBG isolate.  MCT oil is coconut oil.  MCT oil has virtually no taste or smell.  

Comes in 3 sizes, 1,000 mg, 2,000 mg or 3,000 mg.  Ratio of CBD to CBG is 2:1.  This is the best ratio for maximum benefits of our product that may include anti anxiety, sleep aid and inflammation relief. 

Flavors available are Natural, Orange and Key Lime

Packaged in 1 oz. bottles with dropper top. 

INGREDIANTS: Pure Organic Coconut oil (MCT) oil, CBD isolate and CBD isolate.  Flavored tinctures include natural orange and Key lime extracts.